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Poldanor started cooperation with the Association of Polish Birds

Poldanor started cooperation with the Association of Polish Birds

We have taken a further, practical steps to protect the environment. On July 10, 2015 we handed over to the Association of Polish Birds more than 146 hectares of our meadows and pastures located within the Communities of Chojna and Bobolice. The Association using these grasslands, will simultaneously carry on activities supporting the biodiversity of the environment, protect the habitats of wild species of animals and birds and carry out educational activities.

Over the next five years you can observe for example that the meadows will be mowed later so that the birds can move out their young from nests, the water level in the ditches may be temporarily higher, and the birds singing louder. You may also see a reaper with a scythe instead of mechanical mowers ... Listen to the radio too, because there will be programs with our participation, on the protection of the environment in Poldanor and look after your gardens, because maybe we will organize a workshops on how to protect the birds in the allotment gardens.

We will keep you informed on regular basis about the next actions taken together with the Association, but we also look forward to hearing your ideas on how to protect nature.

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