People are a unique capital of the organization, worthy of a special treatment, and investing in ‘human resources’ is highly cost-effective. Employee development is thus a fundamental value both for the organization and for the employees themselves. The personnel’s ability to deliver innovations and to develop and implement changes is becoming the actual source of the company competitive advantage. At the same time opportunity for professional development improves employees’ chances on the labour market and brings other benefits to them.

Work together with us


Let’s work together competition

„Let’s work together” competition

  • We pay special attention to improving quality of life of the local society.
  • We support local initiatives.
  • We score additional points to pro-ecological projects.
  • We finance winning projects.
Science and Social Scholarship

Science and Social Scholarship

  • Are you a resident of the community where we do business?
  • Do you attend agricultural school or studies?
  • Have you obtained a grade point average of at least 4.5 in the last term?
  • Is the income per a household member in your family not higher than half of the national average salary?
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